DATE: July 18, 2015
TIME: 12:00 pm
VENUE: EQ Nightclub
THE PHUTUR3 :YEAR 1:: DJ PIERRE b2b HARRY”CHOO CHOO” ROMERO with Ralph & Louie July 18, 2015

::: Lineup:::
DJ Pierre b2b Harry Romero
Kai Alce
Ajhenda b2b Rob Dowell
Mack Bango
Raskal & Bri
Tracy Levine
Stefan Ringer
Le’on Kaddillak

One big party (with all our friends) filled with PEACE, LOVE, UNITY and RESPECT!

We’ve enjoyed Roy Davis Jr. Doc Martin (Sublevel) Kevin SaundersonDave Angel and local family Ajhenda Toltec, Ralph & Louie Raskal & Bri DJ Kemit Mack Bango and all of you who have been there since day 1.

Thank you for all the LOVE and SUPPORT the past year. Please pencil in JULY 18th as we Celebrate YOU. Details to follow. JOIN and Watch this page.

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