DATE: August 22, 2015
TIME: 10:00 pm
LOCATION: 255 Trinity Ave
Phutur3 / Soul Kitchen Kevin Saunderson b2b DJ Pierre August 22, 2015

**Early Bird Tickets**

WE are usually 3rd saturdays but in order to accomodate schedules we had to team up with The Ralph&Louie Soul Kitchen presented by Afro Acid on this one!

Opening set: Ralph & Louie

August 22nd Techno Legend meets the Creator of Acid House (as Phuture) for a back to back set you will never forget! FOUR CDJS and 2 Mixers! With some live gear to boot!

They’ve played under the same roof…but never as a tag team collab. Get ready Atlanta: 2 of the most important building blocks in the house, techno and acid house scenes are in town! Tickets are $10 pre-sale for this week only

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